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Our Products

Bubble Film Extrusion

For the production of bags and shoppers, IMB has formulated the Biofilm 4025C and Biofilm 2020LC compounds, both well-regarded in the market for their ease of processing and high mechanical characteristics. Among the materials for extrusion, we also offer transparent bioplastics optimized for single-layer extrusion lines, including Biofilm 3005LR, Biofilm 3055LR,Biofilm 1310 AM, and Biofilm 3085 LR. These are suitable for flexible packaging, flow-pack films, and vacuum packaging.

Injection Molding

Injection molding is a manufacturing process for creating complex and precise parts. IMBio 70A and IMBio 72M(S) materials are well-suited for this technique due to their high thermal resistance (HDT exceeding 95°C). This feature makes them ideal for injection molding applications in sectors where the thermal properties of materials are crucial for component performance.


IMB offers the thermoplastic material IMBio 72M, featuring a high Heat Deflection Temperature (HDT) exceeding 95°C. This material is well-suited for high-temperature thermoforming applications and is advantageous as it does not require modifications to existing molds, simplifying the production process. Ideal for sectors such as agriculture, foodservice, and packaging.